Lunar Serendipity

10 Jan

Serendipity, I love you!  You look good with those sexy block letters.  When I speak or hear your name, my heart fills with joy.  And your essence, your beautifully expounding definition: a penchant for discovering things by accident, or as I like to say, a coincidence beyond coincidence. 

I was walking home from school on a warm January evening.  Turning the corner of 18th St my stumbled upon the moon, fully bloomed, draped in an amber glow, exquisitely plump, fully exposed on every side. I was transfix by its hypnotic shine as it just hung there, grazing the tips of the San Francisco skyline.

Intuition instructed me to take a photograph.  I whipped out my new I-phone and aimed the camera at the moon.  Just as I was about to push the shutter release button, my screen went dark.  My phone’s ringer began to sing the someone-is-calling-me song, and Daniel Bendett’s name appeared on the phone screen.  Before I could push the ‘answer’ button, we got disconnected for some reason.  I took a few snaps of the moon and then called him back.  “The reason I called was to tell you to go outside and check out the moon,” he said.

Obviously I told him that it just so happened that he called as I was aiming my phone toward that very same moon.  Sharing my excitement with Danny about this fortuitous occurence really made my day. 

There are no accidents.  All events make sense and occur at the same moment in time, in the only moment in time – the moment right here and now. 

To me, this incident was a miracle, but not the kind of miracle that we normally associate with, like the work of some enigmatic dude with a beard sitting up in the sky somewhere doing all sorts of cool stuff here on Earth.  For me, a miracle occurs at any moment, to any of us.  I sincerely believe that a miracle depends only on us.  My definition of a miracle is an event that occurs within you — an awareness of the present moment and a reaction to whatever circumstance that happens in that moment.  My encounter with the moon and with Daniel could be brushed off as a coincidence.  But it deserves a hell-of-a lot more credit than that.  I rank it as a coincidence beyond coincidence — serendipity.



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