Love Surrounds You

22 Jun

Two weeks before my departure for Thailand, a group of parents of children whom I taught in the last 4 years took me out for drinks and dinner. Patrick, Layla’s dad, handed me a piece of white paper folded in half. On the front cover Layla (8 years old) wrote, “I miss you, Allen.” On the inside it read, “I miss you Allen! You were an excellent teacher. Lot’s of love.” At the bottom of the page Layla wrote, “I made something for you” with arrows guiding me to the second page of the inside cover, where I found a multi-colored bracelet that was fastened by scotch tape. Next to the bracelet was a very sacred message that Layla had written in red ink: “Love surrounds you, Allen!”

Love surrounds you. How precious it is to encounter a human being like Layla who’s already discovered so much of her true nature of compassion and wisdom. How dear it is to have an opportunity to listen to such an important teaching from her. I think that in order to understand the omnipresence of love, it takes a whole lot of practice, meditation, perseverance, discipline, and lots of random acts of kindness.

In the last 4 years as a teacher at KMS, I certainly learned a lot. But all of that alotness [1] can be summed up into one important fragment of understanding: if I make an effort to push my ego to the curb and view everybody I encounter as a teacher, then I find a spiritual entourage of peace, wisdom, and joy knocking on the door of my heart, coming in to say “hi.”

[1] Not a word…Thank Roald Dahl and Dr. Suess for spoiling me


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