A Nose Grabbing Poem

30 Jun

I wrote an email in a form of a Dr. Suess-type story to Cara, my 1st and 2nd grade student. She is now 9 years old.

Well greetings, dear Cara, the one with the Rose

I come with no good-byes, but with a Snillion hellos.
That’s a lot of hellos, Dr. Suess only knows
Trust me on this one, or else I’ll have no choice BUUUUT……
To grab for your nose

And the game would continue
And continue it must
For if nose-grabbing stops,
Then our snouts will surely rust!

And perfectly well, I am sure you’re aware
That a 1-0 nose-game is a tragic affair
And you’re sure I’m aware, with a hope to improve
I’m already planning, the next nose-grabbing move

It won’t be too early, and it won’t be too late
You won’t see it coming, it will be so great
But I’m sure that you too, are cooking up a plot
To grab my nose back, but beware…
I’ll come with a nose filled with green snot!

Ok ok fine. I’m getting a bit silly
But that’s kind of your fault
Because you inspired me, really
To always be a kid, and indeed kids are silly
Especially while farting and eating hot chille
Now, Cara Rose
I have something to say
It’s something important
And as precious as today

You see, Cara Rose,
You have a great gift:
You bring joy to others
And that is quite a nifty nift.
You show that you care
You put other’s needs first
You bring out the best
In what could have been worse

You’ve opened a door, the door of your heart
And shared it with many
Now THAT’s quite a start
Even if you decide to put a fart in a cart
But if you instead, hold a smile for a while
And say something kind in that super Cara-style
Then others will listen, they won’t fear…no no no
Instead they will say, ‘My compassionate hero!’

Always remember the coolest of truths:
That your actions will always bear some kind of fruit
They may taste like poop, or they might taste chocolate cake
It all depends on the choices you make
Like listening to your Mom
To make sure she’ll buy you candy
And reading good books
Will surely come in handy
And playing a lot
Because playing is awesome
And hanging from monkey bars
Upside-down like a possum
And using a special part of your mind
The part of your mind that will make you be kind
And I’ll end my letter here
Like I started up there
Up at the top of the page to be fair
Smile for a while
Then draw a big dial
With numbers

I wanted to thank you


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