Faster Than the Speed of Light!

2 Sep

Polly, a friend and fellow co-worker at school recently asked me, “What inspires you to write?”  Her question made me really happy.  I basked in this joy for a few seconds, savoring its ephemeral stint of narcotic bliss.  And then I told her the brief timeline of events since childhood: how as an 8 –year-old I would write stories about space aliens; then as a teenager I would write poems filled with angst and desire for love; and then as a world traveller I would write personal short narratives about my experiences harmonizing with strangers and how much joy it would bring me.  After our conversation, I reflected on why I got so much joy when she first asked me this question.  And I know the answer.  Finally, after 32 years of searching, I unexpectedly found but one more answer to a self-imposed existential question: what is the purpose of my writing?  I write in hopes of inspiring other people, not to bring joy to others – it’s impossible to bring joy to another person – but to share joy with others.  How fast do you think you can travel through space and time?  The answer is simple.  Well it’s simple to me at least.  It came crashing into me with full bloom just a few minutes ago when Oom and I were both splurging our sappy feelings about how we both inspire each other.  

I then said to her, “You know, there is one way to travel faster than the speed of light.  It happens when two people find themselves open to each other’s inspiration.  So, congratulations – you and I are travelling faster than the speed of light…RIGHT-NOW.”

Oom said, “Yes, it is faster than anything else.”

And I said, “Almost impossibly fast – ALMOST.”

So why do I write? To express another shade of nirvana – to share resplendent inspiration with others – to share joy with others – to do it all together – so that I can feel what it’s like to travel faster than the speed of light with a beautiful person such as Oom. 

But you gotta start from somewhere before you go that fast, right?  You start by saying “hi” and see what happens…I’d say there’s a pretty good chance that you’re gonna speed up. 


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