Serendipity Strikes Again

5 Sep

Serendipity.  I dare you to be as nerdy and sappy as me – take a moment to let the exquisite music of this 5-syllable word ring through your soul.  Se-ren-di-pi-ty.  Hot damn, that’s a sexy word!  Last year it soared to the top of the charts as the number-one word of the year in Allen’s Brain.  And today, Serendipity won best lead role for bringing joy to my life for a second straight year. 

Serendipity is a sexy, yet sneaky little bitch.  She’s a piper, luring me tenderly with music of pleasant surprises, radiating warm beams of joy throughout my existence.  But then she always removes my platter of its bliss it bestowed like a child being punished with no supper for being a naughty boy.  Serendipity is the universe, the ultimate teacher who loves to test my capacity to do the following acts with sincerity and gratitude: to give to others, to show discipline, to persevere, to practice compassion, to meditate, and to share wisdom with others.

She came by this morning and said hi.  She stayed with me all day and helped me share joy with my 5th grade kids, to put smiles on their faces.  Then after school she followed me to the local neighborhood grocery store across the street from my apartment, where I bought some groceries and was invited to sit on the outside stoop of the shop with the owner and share a beer.  All the while, Serendipity sat quietly and carefully scrutinized my behavior.  She rewarded me with the owner’s request to tutor her 6-year-old son in English.  I accepted the offer.  Then Serendipity followed me into the elevator of my apartment building as I said hi to two strangers – a guy and his girlfriend. During the ride between the first and third floor – where the couple lived – we became good friends.  We exchanged phone numbers and smiles, and I was invited to go camping with them and their friends.  From the 3rd floor to my 8th, Serendipity handed over a big bundle of rapture. 

Thank you, Serendipity.


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