At Heart

3 Nov

It took me 7 years to write this song, with lyrics and guitar music and all.  Now the song is complete with the influences of my post-juvenile angst during my 20s and the present journey in my 30s.

Mind made up from the get-go
Now paying dearly for being me
For staying me
For sharing my deepest, darkest secretes with the world

It hears my cry, but it doesn’t listen
Because it can’t, why should it?

Because I cry to a world delusion
Because this world is mine
And it breaks my heart

I lost my way so long ago
And so long ago I thought that I would find it so soon
Lying awake, alone with a madman
The mind-man of sorrow
And he breaks my heart

He visits my dungeon
My jailer, my savior
My mind-man embracing
Until I break
Promising me he’ll be back for another
Grand invitation for our great escape

He crept up behind me
Entered inside me
Then drew out a new path
Of a pure bodhi mind

Now embracing the pirates
My fantoms of terror
In one heart together
A step at a time


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