From Zero to Whitney in 60 Seconds

25 Nov

I stood in the crowded Skytrain as it zoomed me to my destination.  The LCD screens blasted continuous cheesy slapstick commercials; the local Thai Bangkokians were glued to their I-phones and tablets; the foreigners studied the electronic train maps; the white expats dumbly stared into space, and I carefully observed the utter monotony of it all.  The usual.  And then a short series of events occurred.  All of a sudden, the volume of the TV commercials became mute.  And there was this weird silence, as if everyone realized that we were all actually not real people but actors in a movie.  And then Whitney Houston waltzed right into the train car!  I’m fucking serious!  In the dead of silence, a beautiful voice of Whitney screamed into the air for all to admire:       


Where was it coming from? I looked around but nobody even cared!  WTF!  OMG! Whitney!  Why wasn’t anyone reacting to this situation like I was?  Finally a middle-aged Thai dude in ripped jeans and long black dread-locked hair, nonchalantly took out his I-phone, from which Whitney was singing.  His facial expression clearly spoke the following: “I don’t give a fuck what ya’ll think of my I-phone ring tone.” Still everyone was glued to his or her electronic devices as his phone blasted the pop classic.  Then he pushed the talk button; Whitney went away, and he proceeded to have a conversation with whoever called him.  Well I was impressed.  From boredom to Whitney in 60 seconds.  Awesome! 


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