I am the Egg Man

7 Aug

My daily elevator ride between the 8th floor of my apartment and ground level is rarely a solitary ride. I’m often accompanied by Thai folks doing the same thing as I – that is, riding the elevator. Duh! Today I began my ride on the first floor with a guy carrying several bags of groceries. He hit number 11 for his floor and looked at me to tell him what floor I wanted him to push. “Pa-eed” I said – 8. He understood right away and pushed the button for the 8th floor. When people understand and respond to my Thai (not the alcoholic drink), I can feel a new part of my brain, left dormant for most of my life, light up like a Christmas tree. In other words, I get excited when people know what the heck I’m saying.

He asked me where I was from. I gave him the quick rundown: I’m a teacher at an international school, I’ve been here for three weeks, and I’m from America.

The elevator arrived at the 8th floor, the doors opened, and on my way out I quickly introduced myself and asked for his name.

“I am the Egg Man,” he said with a smile.

If you’re a Beatles fan, I know you know the song that was queued in my head: “I am the eggman…aaahhhh, they are the eggmen…aaahhhhh, I am the walrus – cookoogachu!”

“You are the egg man?” I asked with a curious grin.

“Yes!” he said with a huge smile showing all his pretty white teeth. “I am the Egg Man! I’m a DJ. The-Egg-Man. I play at the Hollywood club.

I took out my cellphone and gestured that I was ready to type his email in my phone.

“Egg,” he said.

“Egg?” I responded.

“Egg,” he repeated. I’m The Egg Man.

“You are the Egg Man. Ok I got that. But what is your email?

“Egg,” he said again.

Meanwhile the elevator doors continued to close. But I stood in the middle and made sure that nobody would be going anywhere until I had his email down right.

I gave him my phone and told him to just type it in. The first letter was an X.

“Ah!” I exclaimed. You’re not the Egg Man. “You’re The X-Man! DJ X-Man!”

He smiled and nodded his head in agreement. “Yes yes! I am the Egg Man!”

I laughed. He laughed. We both laughed without knowing why the other was laughing. It was good fun.

“Ok, DJ X-Man,” I said. “Sa-wa-dee-kap! Have a good night. I’m looking forward to seeing your show!”


One Response to “I am the Egg Man”

  1. jaimebecktel August 9, 2012 at 4:07 am #

    Heh…you be hilarious man! Technically, you be “A” hilarious man tapping into the hilarity of this hilariosity that we call LIFE. Funny moments of funny shit. 🙂 Keep sharing!

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